Hey Daron ... lets do a podcast

I wrote:
Here’s my thinking for the podcast-

Every episode we analyze the shit out of a piece of nerdom-
We do bits throughout

10 episodes in a Season
We each bring 5 things to analyze and discuss in length. Here’s mine

  1. Wallace and gromit : the wrong trousers
  2. The insecticons 2 parter: season 01 transformers
  3. The AtAt sequence from Empire strikes back
  4. The dash sequence from the Incredibles
  5. Duck Dodgers in the 24th and half century

You get 5 that we mix in - spiral zone? Something Bruce Campbell? Go deep -

Then the episode-3 sections
Part 1
News from the internet- we talk about bullshit we saw that week- AI, Marvel etc
Dadvice closes
We discuss the nerdy thing in length. We rewatch and research it. Bring to the table.
Recommendations - thanks
And out

I think it’s solid
Did u check out Zencastr?

Daron responded:
This looks good. It’s been a real weekend. Me and Sammy holding it down. I looked at zencastr. Are we planning on using that tomorrow?

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Daron Jennings
Mon, Nov 12, 10:44 AM (3 days ago)
to me

Let's see
1.Fantasy Weapons Deckard's Gun, the double guns from Black Hole,G1 Transformer Weapons
2.stop motion sequences in Clash of the Titans
3.Fallout 76 coverage or a relevant online (potentially toxic game)
4.Which retail store is gonna fold next. ( Holiday edition too)
5.still thinking